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We have been working and developing Electro-Mechanical cables for the offshore industry. We have had a close co-operation with Zapp on special alloy wires.  Regardless of the well challenges you face, we have a wide range of high-performance EMC cables to meet your needs. This is especially true in aggressive environments where traditional carbon-based wire is unable to cope with general corrosion, pitting corrosion, or environmental cracking.

A-26Mo 7/32” (5.69mm) Monoconductor

A-26Mo 1/4” (6.55mm) Monoconductor

A-26Mo 9/32” (7.32mm) Monoconductor

A-26Mo 8.18mm (5/16”) Monoconductor Corrosion resistant

A-2507 7/32” (5.69mm) Monoconductor

A-2507 1/4” (6.55mm) Monoconductor

A-2507 9/32” (7.32mm) Monoconductor

A-2507 8.18mm (5/16”) Monoconductor Corrosion resistant

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