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Double insulated IPC for 1 kV ABC-D/ABC

Double insulated and touch-proof IPC for ABC-D


  • Insulated and penetrating IPC for ABC/ABC-D.
  • The double-layer is ensured by an extra-stiff end cap (IK07), which is glued to the IPC in accordance with EN 62262.
  • The electrical strength of the insulation on the clamp has been enhanced up to 8 kV in accordance with EN 50483-4.
  • The penetration of the insulation is performed on the main and pin wire simultaneously in a single operation.
  • The screw in the clamp, which is the only accessible metal part, is floating.
  • The correct tightening torque is ensured with a shear head bolt.


  • This clamp is used to get a good and reliable connection between 1 kV ABC-D/ABC or ABC-D/ABC-D.
  • There is a second insulating layer to ensure Class II, in accordance with EN 60950-1.


  1. Insert the insulated conductor from the branch in the clamp so that its end is fixed in the flexible end cap.
  2. Use a 13 mm ratchet wrench and tighten the plug on the conductor until the upper bolt head comes off.
  3. The 17 mm permanent bolt head is only for possible disassembly and may not be used to tighten the screw after the 13-mm bolt head is broken.
  4. Installation can be performed on a live wire but without a load on the connecting wire.

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