23 mai 2023

Amokabel awarded safety upgrade project on Northern Ireland

River Bann Coleraine


A distribution network owner is working to improve safety for people fishing in their district. Reduce the risk of accidents from fishing equipment coming into contact with bare electrical wires.

Their team came into contact with Amokabel who could present a suitable covered conductor solution for their requirements. After several digital meetings between the distribution network owner, Amokabel and Ensto who supply the accessories, a trial site was identified.


Day 1 with product training for the cable and the accessories. Thereafter a site visit.

Day 2 the existing bare wires were replaced by Amokabels covered conductor
using >95% of the original poles and cross members.
By the end of the day a length of approximately 3x600 meters of bare wires had been replaced with covered conductors increasing the safety for people enjoying their free time activities.


The bare wires were replaced and energized in one day without any problems using most of the existing hardware. Also making this a time and cost effective solution. The distribution network owner are now evaluating the project with the aim to protect more fishing water in their district.

For more information please contact: philip.hancock@amokabel.com

About Amokabel

Amokabel is a Scandinavian privately owned cable group that manufactures a wide spectrum of wires, cables and overhead conductors. With headquarters in Sweden and a yearly revenue of more than SEK 1,5 billion, we are setting new standards when it comes to innovation, customer services and short lead times. We focus on high quality and innovative design of new products with minimal environmental impact.