What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that when connected to a website is saved on and during later visits, retrieved from, the visitor's computer or computer-like devices e.g. mobile phones. The cookie is saved in connection with the files used by the computer's browser or similar program.

It is very common for websites to use cookies because they are often used for basic functions.

This is how cookies are used on our website

One purpose of using cookies on this website is to be able to count the number of users and analyze the traffic. By understanding how the website is used, we can develop and improve it.

Google analytics

_gat, _gid, _ga, r / collect

Collects statistics on the number of visits over time to the website, how long your visit lasts, which pages you visit and how you as a visitor enter the website.

WM3 cookie


To see if you are logged in to the tool wm3.

Cookie because you accept cookies


Used to see if the user has accepted cookies on the site.

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