8 apr 2024

Amokabel Leads the Way with a Successful Cable Installation in a 400 kV Tunnel Project in Slovakia

Amokabel from Alstermo in Småland, a leading player in power transmission technology, is now proud to announce the success of the recent installation of a bonding cable in a 400 kV cable tunnel project. A bonding cable is a cross-connection cable used to connect the screens of high-voltage cables. Through careful calculations, a cable system with crossed cable screens can be designed, resulting in reduced electrical losses. This technical solution is increasingly used in today's medium and high-voltage cable projects and marks an important step forward in the development of power transmission infrastructure.
The bonding cable, manufactured at Amokabel's factory in Alstermo, plays a vital role as a ground continuity conductor between the cable ends. This innovation ensures a robust and reliable screen connection throughout the system, which is crucial for safety and contributes to reducing the electrical losses in energy transmission.
The project was performed with great skill by our partner and customer, Enslo CZ s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, and the installation site is Gabčíkovo, Slovakia. Thanks to Enslo's expertise and commitment in combination with Amokabel's innovative product, the installation was carried out according to plan, further strengthening Amokabel's reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality power transmission solutions.
"We are extremely proud of our contribution to this project and the continued trust from our partners. Our bonding cable in this tunnel project is an example of our innovation and technical competence in the power transmission industry. We look forward to continuing to deliver solutions that not only meet but exceed, our customers' expectations," says Phil Hancock, Sales Manager at Amokabel.
Amokabel sees this project as further proof of the company's ability to meet the technical challenges posed by today's energy infrastructure. Looking forward, Amokabel is committed to continuing to develop solutions that contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy supply globally.
About Amokabel AB:
The Amokabel group has a global presence with operations in six locations worldwide and manufactures everything from installation cables to overhead lines and special cables. By engaging in technical innovation and continuous modernization, we can meet the needs of our customers.
Our production facility in Alstermo, Sweden is powered by 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydropower, reflecting our commitment to the environment and sustainable development.
With a solid foundation in innovation and sustainability, the Amokabel group sees a bright future with continued expansion and enhancement of our high-quality cable solutions. We are proud of our progress and committed to continuing to be leaders in the industry.
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