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In the end of September Amokabel supplied the first project in the new production line. The specific cable was designed and created together with our customer JT electric, Faroe Islands.

The 2 600 meter long sea cable shall withstand one of the world’s toughest environment and the steel armored cable contains both power and fibre optics. The cable is designed to be used in a fish farm and have features that will reduce the use of diesel generators at sea.

The employees at Amokabel loves a good challenge and in the specific product case it required a significant modification of existing machines to be able to include fiber optics.  The fact that the drum weights 17 tons and is close to 4 meters high meant new ideas of how to distribute the cable. A special transportation delivered the drum to nearest seaport, Helsingborg. 

“Our strength is that we within 4-5 weeks can design, manufacture and dispatch advanced customized cables. Our employees challenge themselves to the very limit on many occasions and are by far our biggest asset in the company” says Henrik Blad, CEO

Amokabel loading the biggest drum so far ©amokabel

Installment of the cable in the North Sea

For more info, please contact:  

Kent Lundström, VP Sales
+46 72 9734295

Hermod Iversen, CEO Norway
+47 91 795910