9 apr 2019

Installation of our covered conductor

Amokabel together with Ensto, just released an installation demo film for our covered conductor system.

The film demonstrates a typical installation in Sweden of our CCST 241 AAAC 20(24)kV W, covered conductor together with Ensto accessories. Amokabel and Ensto has a +20-year experience of together providing utilities world wide of a fully type tested and compatible covered conductor system solution according to EN50397.

This short film illustrates how to install our covered conductors. As seen in the film, the method of installation is straight forward and very familiar to linesmen used to bare overhead conductors. Making conversion from bare conductors to our covered conductor system very easy, fast and cost-effective compared to other system solutions.

Our covered conductor system is used to increase reliability and safety. The benefit of using covered conductors is to prevent fire ignition and outages due to slashing effects, tree contact and fallen conductors. Together with Ensto, we have long experience of customizing system design according to customer requirements.


For more information, get in contact with Filip or Fredrik

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