19 jan 2024

Safety first


Over the past year, Amokabel has intensified its focus on safety throughout the entire group. In August 2022, we had a deeply tragic accident when our friend and colleague was lost in a workplace accident. This heart-wrenching incident has been a reminder of the importance of constantly striving for the highest safety standards and creating a work environment that prioritizes the safety of employees first.


Amokabel has dedicated resources to increased training, improved safety procedures, and the implementation of new measures to minimize risks. This has not only strengthened the safety culture within the company but also deepened employees' awareness of their individual roles in maintaining a safe workplace. In our mourning process, we have come together to honor our colleague's memory by making safety a central and enduring priority.


Amokabel has decided to honor the memory of our friend and colleague by establishing a scholarship for the individual who has distinguished themselves through their special commitment to safety issues within the company.


This scholarship was awarded to Mikael Bjerlin, and the motivation is as follows:


"Through Mikael's great commitment and drive for safety issues, he has prompted owners, management, and personnel within the group to bring safety issues to the forefront and highlight the importance of everyone working on these issues in the factory."