8 feb 2022

Welcome Philip Hancock

Philip Hancock will join Amokabel bringing with him many years of experience within the electricity network industry, both from the local and global market.
With Falun as a starting point, Philip efficiently reaches many of our domestic customers, even travel in the northernmost parts of Sweden will play a central and important role with focus on covered conductors.
Sales on the Swedish market will also be combined with export sales, where Philip will be active over a wide area involving most countries, both with existing customers and developing new business.

What do you see as the biggest challenge with your assignment with us?

I have a new exciting time ahead of me now, with my new job at Amokabel.  I have previously worked on the Swedish market with both cables and cable accessories for a long time, I will now also work with the export market. I believe that the biggest challenge and what attracts me the most is identifying new markets and establishing new partners. The feeling of accomplishment for me will come when the first order is delivered to these new customers. I look forward to collaborating and exchanging experiences with amokabel's power team.
Name: Philip Hancock

Job titel: Sales Manager

Location: Falun

Before joining amokabel: I worked for 23 years at Ericsson Cables/NKT cables in Falun, firstly in production, then with cable design LV,MV and HV and finally as Portfolio sales support.
For the last 6 years I have been an account manager at TE Connectivity specializing in cable accessories.

Other interests: I have an active lifestyle, among other things I am active and compete in Enduro (motorcycle), but I also enjoy skiing, long-distance ice-skating, cycling etc. For the past 3 years, my partner and I have had a mountain cabin in Grövelsjön, Dalarna county where we enjoy spending our spare time hiking, fishing, skiing and more.