1 Sep 2023

Amokabel Expands to Germany with new Sales Office

Amo specialkabel has recently taken a significant step in its global expansion by opening a new sales office in Germany. The new office will serve as a strategic base to cater to the German market and further enhance Amokabel's presence in Europe with focus on special cable applications.

“By establishing ourselves in Germany, we can offer our technical solutions and short lead time on special cables to the biggest market in Europe. Our existing customer will be better serves with local Amo specialkabel representatives”
says Henrik Blad, CEO. 

The new sales office will located near Bremen and Thomas Miotk will be managing director for Amo specialkabel Germany. Thomas Miotk has long experience within the cable market overall and holds a wealth of expertise in the field of special cables.

This new expansion marks an exciting milestone for Amo specialkabel, opening doors to even more successful collaborations and opportunities in the future.

For more info contact:

Henrik Blad - henrik.blad@amokabel.com

Thomas Miotk - thomas.miotk@amokabel.de