Amokabel has designed several cables for the fish farm industry such as AQUALine power flex and hybrid cable. We also have our AMOExtreme for harsh environments. Our engineers have made a lot of special designs relating to challenges coming from new environmental regulations in the industry. We have got the ability to design complete cable systems containing power, signal air and oxygen. We deliver cables for all type of applications such as power, feeding, communication, camera system and cleaning robots. We have a modern facility and a production adapted for quick changes and enables us to be flexible and provide short lead times with high quality.

AMOExtreme 0,6/1kV

1kV flexible connection cable for use where high mechanical requirements are necessary.

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AQUALine Fishfarm

1kV flexible cable, specially designed for the fish farming industry.

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AQUALine Fishfarm Hybrid

Flexible 1kV hybrid cable for power and communication.

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AQUALine Winch

Flexible 1kV motor cable designed especially for the fish farming industry.

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AMOExtreme Fibercom

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Custom design solutions subsea

A large part of our production is customized solutions. Contact us for more information.

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