Renewable energy

Renewable energy

At Amokabel, we work with a responsible entrepreneurship, which means that we are constantly aware of how the company affects society and the environment. It is closely
related to sustainable development - balancing economic aspects with environmental and social. We create value for our customers and stakeholders while striving to keep our
negative impact to a minimum. An example of our work is that for a long time we have worked systematically to ensure that the Amo Group uses electricity from renewable
sources as much as possible.

90 percent of the world's energy today comes from fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas. When fossil fuels are burned, carbon dioxide is formed, which causes negative greenhouse

Since 2004, Amokabel has had a stated strategy of producing as much renewable electricity, labeled "Good Environmental Choice", as the factory consumes. We have succeeded in this goal since the decision was taken.


In 2004, we bought a hydropower station in Alstermo that consists of two turbines. Total power output is 460kW and the plant has a height drop of 12 meters. Annually, it generates 2,000,000 kWh. We bought a second hydropower station in Uvafors in 2006, it is located between Uvasjön in Fröseke and Hinsjön in Alsterbro and also consists of two turbines, with a total of 410kW. It generates 1,500,000 kWh / year.

Wind power

We bought our first wind turbine in 2009 which is located in Listerlandet near Lörby outside Sölvesborg. It is an 800kW Enercon wind turbine and it produces 1,800,000kWh annually. Our second wind turbine was put into operation in 2017 and is located closer to the factory, more specifically in Hageskruv, which is 12 km from our location in Alstermo. This wind turbine generates 1,300,000 kWh annually.

Solar power

In 2015, we took the decision to complement our energy production with solar energy. The plant contains 928 panels each 1600x950mm in size. The total panel area is 1500m2 and the total roof area used is 2500m2. The maximum production of the plant is 240,000 kWh / year. In 2020, we added more solar panels, and these together generate approximately 940,000 kWh / year.


7 500 000 kWh


7 000 000 kWh


500 000 kWh




Hydropower station Alstermo


2 000 000 kWh

Hydropower station, Uvafors


1 500 000 kWh

Wind turbine, Sölvesborg


1 800 000 kWh

Solar plant, Alstermo


240 000 kWh

Wind turbine, Hageskruv


1 300 000 kWh

Solar plant, Alstermo


700 000 kWh