10 Jan 2024

Amokabel in partnership with Sicame Group presents a groundbreaking solution for PV installation, reducing both cost and time


Alstermo, 2023-12-11 – Amokabel, a forward-thinking leader in cable solutions, proudly announces
the completion of a state-of-the-art photovoltaic (PV) installation on our factory roof, utilizing the
cutting-edge Sicame IPC technology together with Amokabel’s AMOSolar PV1500 cable.
The Sicame IPC (Insulated Piercing Connector) technology represents a significant advancement in
solar technology, featuring lower Capex, faster installation, and fewer losses compared to traditional
systems connecting the PV panels with string cables.


Key Benefits of the Solution:
Time saving – Up to 23% time saving thanks to less civil work, no more cable stripping, and no use of
combiner box.
Cost saving – Up to 50% cost saving thanks to savings in cable length, fewer operators needed and
with lower skills, quick & easy to install cable.
Reduced system losses – Up to 50% reduced system losses thanks to larger cable cross sections,
minimized network losses, and reduced contact resistance.
Reliability – 100% reliability thanks to the 30-year proven track record of Sicame/Amokabel using IPC
technology on Aluminium conductors for the distribution grid.


Project stakeholders:
Svea Solar – Main contractor for the installation.
Sicame Group – Supplier of the IPC harness solution.
Amokabel – PV system owner and supplier of AMOSolar 1500V DC bus cable.


Customer testimonial:
Hampus Nilsson, Utility Project Lead at Svea Solar and responsible for the installation, commented:
"The Sicame IPC harness in combination with Amokabel’s AMOSolar PV 1500 cable turned out to be
very easy to install. After a short training by a Sicame engineer, the crew quickly familiarized
themselves with the system. The DC-bus system saves a large amount of cable and time for our crew
and is easy to install thanks to shear-head bolts on the connectors. We are very happy that we were
trusted with this project. Our experience with this type of installations is extensive and we look
forward to working with Amokabel and Sicame in any future projects."

Filip Jidne, Amokabel Sales Director, added, "We are thrilled by having this installation on our own
roof, permitting customers and contractors to come here to Alstermo and watch the installation with
their own eyes. The size of PV installations in Sweden increases year by year and the benefits using
this system also increase as installations grow bigger”


Environmental commitment:
This project is another testament to Amokabel’s commitment to be self-sufficient in self-generated
renewable energy, a commitment signed already in 2004 by the Amokabel shareholders being thefirst in the industry to adopt this strategy. It demonstrates perfectly how adopting innovative
technologies can benefit both the planet and generate valuable business for our company.

For more information about this project or Amokabel, please contact the Amokabel sales team:


Picture from the solar panel installation on Amokabel's roof