2 May 2019

Amokabel increases capacity of halogen free cables by 250%

Amokabel group has finalized its biggest investment in halogen free installation cables for building and the do it yourself markets. The strategical decision to enlarge the capacity of halogen free cable was taken in end of 2017 and is now in full production.

“The investments have been made with a mix of local and global suppliers interacting very well together. We have picked the cherries in the cake and put them together and added lots of knowhow from within our factory in Alstermo. In the end we achieved more than foreseen in the start, says Michael Boman, Technical Manager”

“With this investment we continue with our strategy of being flexible and giving our customers different choices continuing with PVC cables but adding capacity in halogen free cables. Through the new investments we can offer the shortest lead-time in the market, adding value for our customers says Jonas Ewing, CEO”

For further information please contact Jonas or Michael as below.

Jonas Ewing Michael Boman
CEO Technical Manager
+46 481 750 865 +46 481 750 824
jonas.ewing@amokabel.com michael.boman@amokabel.com