18 Dec 2018

Amokabel Norway AS

Amokabel has decided to merge the two sales companies in Norway together as one – Amokabel Norway AS. This means that all products, sold and distributed on the Norwegian market, will be handled by this new company. As of January 2019, the new name of the company enters into force and headquarter will be located in Ålesund with Hermod Iversen as CEO. Existing agreements will be transferred to the new company accordingly.

Our business continues to develop and grow on the Norwegian market, and we’re looking forward to an exiting 2019!


For further information please contact Hermod or Tore as below.

Hermod Iversen, special Tore Johansen, power
+47 917 959 10 +47 906 403 65
hermod.iversen@amokabel.com tore.johansen@amokabel.com

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