14 Feb 2020

AMOKABEL reaches 1 billion of SEK in sales

When Amokabel closed its books for 2019, the company for the first time reached a billion of SEK in sales (equal to 100 MEUR).

The business was started in 1992 in Alstermo, Sweden by Jan Blad and Erland Erlandsson. The start was made in connection with Nexan's closure of Alstermo Cable, which was a severe blow to the community.

- “It has been a fantastic growth journey that started in a small scale with small premises and with used machines. Thanks to the solid cable expertise locally, we quickly gained access to talented employees” says Erland Erlandsson.


Today, the Group has 10 operating companies, eight in Sweden, one in England and one in Norway. The Group currently has 215 employees, including 185 in Alstermo. Since the start, the business has shown profit and an annual growth of 10 to 15%.


- “It has been important not to grow too fast to be able to finance the expansion with our own funds. Therefore, we are now well equipped to reach 2 billion in the 2020s” says Jan Blad

The production in Alstermo has been climate neutral since 2005. The company produces the equal amount of "green" energy that it consumes in its production, about 6 GWh annually. This is done with in-house solar, wind and hydropower.

More than 50% of sales are exported. The various manufacturing companies focus on special cables, installation cables and covered conductors.


- “What distinguishes Amokabel is speed and flexibility in every aspect, from innovation to decision! The future belongs to the fastest companies and nothing indicates that this will change, ”says Jan Blad.


The main owner is today the Jan & Erland Foundation. The foundation holds 30% of the capital and 70% of the votes in the parent company Amokabel AB. The remaining part is owned by the Erlandsson and Blad families.

It is important for the owners to give back to the community and both the Jan & Erland Foundation and Amokabel make major contributions to sports and corporate social responsibility activities every year. Among other things, a handball team, a preschool and a medical station are sponsored.

Erland Erlandssson and Jan Blad @amokabel