20 Mar 2020

Information regarding Covid -19

Amokabel looks very seriously at the pandemic Covid-19 and the impact that is has on the world and Europe. Since February 17th, we have taken various steps to protect our customers, employees and society in order to minimize the effects that arise as far as possible.


Our efforts take place in several areas, we have decided to:

  • Introduce a very restrictive visit and meeting policy. From 11th of March there are general stops regarding external meetings (eg customer and supplier meetings) in which amokabel personnel participate. Similarly, there is a stop for visits to amokabel's production, sales and distribution facilities. Exceptions to the general meeting and the ban on visitors can only be made by the CEO of each company
  • Within amokabel's operations, since 16th of March, only meetings with a maximum of 5 participants may be conducted. At lunch or coffee breaks, a maximum of 3 employees can be gathered at the same time
  • All employees who have visited a risk area are placed in two weeks' home quarantine before they can return to normal work within amokabel
  • Actively work with understanding and the importance of good hygiene
  • Employees handling arriving or departing goods work according to a strengthened hygiene protection routine. Drivers of arriving and departing goods are only allowed access to the external loading and unloading area. An external hygiene opportunity for drivers has been arranged
  • Since February 17, we have increased our orders for raw materials to counter supply chain problems. We currently have no material shortcomings. However, we follow material flows from Italy and France on a day to day basis. We work actively to find alternative material suppliers. We also have express certified alternative materials for CPR approved cables
  • Updates our customers continuously as soon as deficiencies occur and how we remedy them


In addition, we follow recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency and the Swedish Infection Protection Act.


For further information, please contact vice President Jonas Ewing.

Jonas Ewing


+46 481 750 865




We will update the information about Covid-19 on an ongoing basis