9 Mar 2018

Recruitment announcement

We are happy to announce that Kent Lundström and Markus Johansson has joined the team of Amo Specialkabel AB!

Kent Lundström has a long history within the cable business and has previously worked at Habia Cable as Offshore Director. Kent will be a part of the board of directors and contribute, not only with direct sales, but also in product development and new investments in Alstermo.

"Kent has a superior knowledge and experience from the special cable market and will play a major part in our future growth. I am very glad to have him onboard!" says Henrik Blad, CEO

Kent will start his position during March and will attend the exhibition Oceanology in London.

"I am really excited to be a part of the team! The business strategy to design and supply special cables within 3-4 weeks is unique in Europe and I am positive that we can continue to create new business on the international market", says Kent Lundström.

Markus Johansson joins the team directly from University after studies in electro physics at Chalmers in Gothenburg. Markus work will mainly be to support the sales forces but also to run, develop and execute product projects.

Welcome to Amokabel!

Contact information:

Kent Lundström • +46 481 750 856 • kent.lundstrom@amokabel.com

Markus Johansson • +46 481 750 857 • markus.johansson@amokabel.com