20 Apr 2018

Subsea cable investment

Amokabel has yet again extended the factory space with another 2.400m². This space is intended to host the new Subsea cable investment.

Kent Lundström, SVP at amo specialkabel AB, in front of the new drum twister line in Alstermo   ©amokabel


The investment includes, large size cabling and jacketing capacity. Such investment allows Amokabel to manufacture long continuous length of water blocked and steel armoured (0,87-3,15mm) cables for Subsea applications.

In these large machines we can do sizes up to 300mm² with a voltage range up to 6kV. The first scheduled order in the new investment will be a 2,5 km continues length with an OD of 62mm.

“With this massive machine capacity, we can offer our customer the shortest lead-time in the market. This, together with long length and flexible production will create big value for our customers says Henrik Blad, CEO”

The first production order will be running this summer and several projects has already been scheduled during the autumn.

If you require additional information about the investment, please contact:

Kent Lundström                                                                                                                   
Senior Vice President, amo specialkabel AB

kent.lundstrom@amokabel.com, tfn: +46 481 750 856