17 Oct 2017

UppJobb gave results

Amokabel has, after a successful project called UpJob, created jobs for newly arrived "new swedes". In the initiative it included, Swedish teaching on "business swedish" included basic knowledge of how it is to work in a manufacturing industry in Sweden, as well as internship with us on amokabel. This resulted in 9 new employment after 3 months.

The project from Tillväxtverket began in May 2017. The aim is to get new arrivals, who is far from the labor market, at work. The arrangement is an internship with private companies combined with suitable Swedish, all of which can lead to permanent employment after 3 months.

A 3-month internship with vocational Swedish gives people basic knowledge in Swedish working life, fitting time, collaborating, studying the staff manual, following safety routines, and gaining insight into different workstations so that they can show what they can and what they have for their skills before.

Amokabel immediately saw the possibilities and gave 10 people internship combined with professional Swedish at the company's various departments. After 3 months, 9 people got employment.

Johan Kjellander, Production Manager on amo special cable

Johan, how did this work in practice?

"Hiring someone who learns the language is developing for everyone involved in the workplace. We got new employees who can contribute different experiences and new perspectives. The colleagues develop and the newly employed have an opportunity to integrate into Swedish society. Learn more about the language and culture that exists in the workplace, creating a positive relationship between old and new employees, wich benefits both the company and the newly employed. "

What's going on in the future and are there any plans to continue this work?

"We have now worked with our new employees for about 4 months and the development looks very positive both in terms of language and the understanding of producing in our factory. If development goes as it does now, we will eventually employ our newcomers in production.

Amokabel will continue the cooperation with Uppvidinge municipality and the employment office in order to receive more newcomers to help them get easier into Swedish society / industry."

Thank you Johan!