3 Feb 2016

We support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

We can now proudly announce that we are a friend company for the Swedish Childhood Cancer FoundationFor us it’s important to knowthat we contribute to research that children with cancer receive the best opportunity there is to recieve their health. Below is an excerpt from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation‘s website:

”4 of 5 children survive cancer. But it is not enough. Our goal is that every child survive.

When you choose to become a friend companiy for Children’s Cancer and purchase a business package,  you take a stand for Childhood Cancer and supports its operations: a national childhood cancer research, assistance to affected children and families and dissemination of information. Your support makes a difference!

The contents of the deductible packages are designed specially to you as a company, you must be able to demonstrate your commitmentyear round while you help Children’s Cancer spreading ripplesOur hope is that it will encourage others to support the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

To become a friend company for Children’s Cancer Foundation is both a conscious and profitable investment

-Children’s Cancer Foundation – Barncancerfonden