AMOExtreme 0,6/1kV

AMOExtreme is designed for use under extreme conditions. The outer sheath of PUR makes the cable very resistant to mechanical stress and mineral oils. AMOExtreme is suitable for installations in water to a depth of 100 meter which makes it particularly suitable for use in the fish farming industry. The cable can be specially designed acc. to customer requests, such as hybrid cable with power and control in the same cable.

AMOExtreme is designed for 0.6 / 1kV voltage, which makes the insulating thickness and the outer sheath diameter larger than the standard PUR cables.

Temperature range:   -50°C / +90°C
Voltage Rating U0/U 0,6/1kV
Conductor   IEC 60228,5
Construction   IEC 60502-1 IAP
    EN 50363,1
    EN 50363,10-2
Halogen free   IEC 60754-1
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