CCSX W 10-52kV

CCSX is a round standed, non-compacted covered overhead line. The conductor is longitudinally waterproofed with extruded polymer between each layer in the conductor.
This increases the reliability and lifespan of the covered conductor by preventing water from penetrating the conductor and causing corrosion.
The outer sheath is UV protected. The longitudinally waterproof conductor and the three extruded layers are made in one and the same process for the best quality and function.
Covered conductor is available in FeAl design & AlMgSi type Al7.
The conductor is marked manufacturer / type / year+month / meter marking.
Manufactured in all standard dimensions.
Made in standard colors - Green, Gray or Black.
Can also be made into customized solutions.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) can be provided for all CCSX.

Covered conductor is manufactured and tested according to standard EN 50397-1, 50182, SS 42 414 64.

* Conductor - AlMgSi, FeAl

* Extruded longitudinal waterproofing

* Extruded inner semi-conductive layer

* Insulation of PE

* Outer layer of UV-resistant HDPE

* Colors - Green, Gray or Black

* Voltage class, U(Um)- 10(12),20(24), 30(36) and 52kV

Minimum bending radius 15xD (10xD at final assembly)
Recommended minimum linen temperature when install -20°C
Maximum continuous line temperature +80°C

For special needs, we can also arrange customized solutions.

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