Flexcables Ltd have been supplying manufacturers of approved modular wiring systems to BS8488:2009+A1:2010 since 2010 with a variety of wiring sub-assemblies to our customer specific requirements of extenders and home run cable types, generally to be used within flexible metal conduit or metal trunking installations.

During this time the company’s experience has included producing assemblies of many different mixed configurations of power; 1.5mm2 to 6.0mm2, and Dali cores made up of BASEC approved 6491B, or in-house manufactured XLPE insulated core, a more durable core as used in LSHF BS 6724 SWA cables. We have also over sheathed large laid up multi-core configurations for customers as and when required.

This is a service based offering, the laid-up wiring sub-assembly can be supplied in long drum lengths for our customer to install in prefabricated metal trunking systems, or supplied pre-wired in flexible metal conduit, typically 16mm for extenders and 40mm for home run cables, cut to length, glanded and drummed according to the customer’s schedule of build, ready for the additional wiring of termination boxes or other modular devices to then be shipped to site.

As required by the market we have now extended our BASEC product approved ranges to include Fleximod™ to BASEC’s  Certificate of Assed Design CAD 039, this is based on the range manufactured wiring sub-assemblies for use in our customers metallised modular wiring systems meeting BS8488:2009+A1:2010.  Sub-assemblies can include power distribution and lighting control cores such as Dali and KNX.


Max conductor temperature: 

Voltage Rating U0/U: 

CPR class:       

BS7671 2018 clause 527

only for use as part of a fully enclosed metallic system 








Conductor : 


1.5mm-10mm 3-42 core   

Insulation BS 7655-1.3 (GP8)



IEC 60228,1

BASEC CAD039, BS7211:2012 table 4




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