AQUALine Fishfarm

AQUALine fish farm is a 1kV flexible cable, specially designed for the fish farming industry. It is used for power supply from land out to the farm location. AQUALine fishfarm hybrid has an inner sheath of polyurethane (TPU) which gives very good mechanical properties and can withstand high mechanical loads, while maintaining flexibility. 

The outer sheath is made of polyethylene (PE), which makes the cable suitable for installation directly in salt water. As standard, the cable comes with flexible Class 5 conductors.

  Max conductor temperature 90°C  
  Voltage Rating  U0/U(Um)  0,6/1(1,2kV)
  Temperature range, fixed -30 to +70°C


Conductor   IEC 60228,5
Construction EN 50363,5
    EN 50363,10-2
    EN 50363,8
Halogen free IEC 60754-1

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