Michael Boman - the CPR directive

Since July 2017, all cables for fixed installation must be fire-rated and labeled according to the CPR Directive.

Michael Boman, Technical Manager at amo installationskabel AB ©amokabel

Michael, you have been working on this for quite some time now. What has the work on CPR brought you as a manufacturer?

It has been a time-consuming project, both before, under and after the introduction. A lot of information is to be presented before the actual tests are performed, and we have had a close dialogue with the test lab. Furthermore, it has been a lot of work setting up all the documentation such as DoP, labels and information on the website. Also, a lot of time has been spent on educating our staff.

Is the work on CPR now finished?

No, the CPR regulation is still quite new to the industry, and questions keeps coming up. Also, as soon as we start producing a new product or change an existing one, it needs to be tested and classified. Even though we have now got through the big work associated with the introduction, the work on CPR will never be completely finished.

What positive effects have you experienced by carrying out the CPR project?

We have learnt a lot along the way, and the testing has confirmed that our products maintain high quality.


*CPR – Construction Products Regulation

*DoP – Declaration of Performance

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