19 apr 2024

Machine Operator at Amokabel - A Varied Job Role

Jesper Linehag works at Amokabel as a machine operator and coordinator. As a coordinator, his main responsibility is to have an overall view of the entire production process and to be ready to step in where needed. This requires having a broad knowledge of the machines used in production.

- Currently, I spend a lot of time learning how new machines function so that I can be helpful at various machines in our production. The role of a coordinator means I need to be everywhere, and this makes no two days the same, which is very fun, says Jesper.

" Everyone works towards the same goal and supports each other "

Jesper has now been employed at Amokabel for almost exactly two years, and he finds his time here extremely rewarding. He highly values that Amokabel as an employer provides him opportunities to develop personally and professionally at a pace that he feels comfortable with.

- The cooperation between us operators and the management is very good. We have an open dialogue and a shared commitment to solving the challenges that arise. This leads to an efficient problem-solving process and a pleasant work environment where everyone feels they are working towards the same goal and supports each other, he says.

What are your biggest challenges at work?

As I mentioned earlier, I am now focusing a lot on learning our various machines in production. Sometimes you have to think hard and solve puzzles, which I really enjoy!


What is the best part about working with what you do?

That you get to take a lot of personal responsibility. As an operator, you are involved in everything from planning, production, packing, and delivery. It's not a job where you just press a button; you are involved from start to finish. I believe this benefits both us employees and the customer.


Name: Jesper Linehag
Age: 36
Job Title: Coordinator
Lives: Alstermo
Hobbies:  Fishing, being in nature, listening to music, and socializing with friends.
Future Dreams: Dreams of buying a house in the countryside.