4 mar 2024

Brand building is an important aspect that needs continuous attention


Anton Wretman works as a Key Account Manager in the power grid segment at Amokabel. His role includes, among other things, nurturing and building relationships with customers, generating sales, and working to enhance the visibility of Amokabel's brand.
-        I am responsible for our market in Norway and Denmark, but also large parts of Sweden. A central part of my job is to try to understand my customers' businesses and needs, as well as building relationships with these customers and other collaborative partners that contribute to sales. I do this through continuous dialogue with these companies. It can be phone calls, personal customer meetings, or follow-up emails," says Anton.
-        I thoroughly enjoy working at Amokabel. I have been with the company for a total of 6 years, of which about 3.5 years have been in sales. You get to be part of driving the development forward. If I find a segment where I see potential and can present a solid foundation, it can lead to an investment in a new production line. Amokabel truly invests in its personnel. You get a lot of responsibility and opportunities to grow on a personal level through contributions such as education, among other things," he says.
What are your biggest challenges at work?
When one aims to achieve more than our current production capacity allows at that moment. It can involve a new product launch that requires extensive testing because it is crucial for the product to meet certain standards. It can be a bit frustrating when projects take a long time to be completed.
What is the best thing about your job?

The best part is having autonomy with responsibility, coupled with the opportunity to meet new people and explore new markets with their possibilities. I enjoy building relationships and being able to assist the customer in making the right decisions that impact their budget and ease their work. I would say the key is understanding the customer's needs and providing a solution.
Name: Anton Wretman
Age: 25 years
Job title: Key Account Manager
Lives: Kalmar
Hobbies: Padel, golf, and spending time with my partner, family, and friends
Future Dreams: Building our dream house together with my partner and starting a family