21 sep 2023

Amokabel and Raychem RPG announce increased production capacity in India.

MUMBAI, India, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Amokabel, the world leader in the development of advanced covered conductors based in Sweden, is thrilled to announce a significant increase in their production capacity in India. This expansion is the result of a strategic tie-up with their long-term business partner, Raychem RPG. Together, they aim to bolster their presence in the Indian market and better serve their valued customers. The association is dedicated to excellence in providing premium-quality products and world-class service, consistently meeting the diverse needs of its elite clientele.

The association between Amokabel and Raychem RPG, established in 2017, has consistently demonstrated excellence in operational efficiency and quality, aligning seamlessly with Amokabel's stringent standards.

Mr. Peter Eriksson, CEO of Amokabel's power division, expressed his enthusiasm about the expansion, saying, "We are excited to deepen our association with Raychem RPG and expand our production capacity in India. This investment will enable us to offer our Indian customers an even broader product portfolio and faster service than ever before."

Mr. Sankara Raman, Senior VP Operations and Technology at Raychem RPG, also shared his perspective on the venture, stating, "Our continued association with Amokabel is a testament to our dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our customers. With this expansion, we are poised to provide enhanced solutions and service to the Indian market."

Mr. K R Jayaraman, National Sales Head at Raychem RPG added, "It is important to highlight that today's evolved customers give utmost importance to superior quality products rather than only putting price as a deciding factor. Raychem RPG in association with Amokabel is enhancing production capacity to support this trending philosophy. This will help in improving network reliability, wildfire prevention, and overall safety."

The transition from bare overhead conductors to covered conductors brings immense benefits to the public, line workers, and wildlife. The offered solution not only enhances safety but also offers substantial savings in total cost of ownership with low capital and operational expenditures for network operators, and utilities seeking to create more resilient networks in response to climate change. 

As Amokabel and Raychem RPG continue to invest in their association and production capabilities in India, they are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, safety, and reliability in electrical networks.

About Amokabel: Amokabel is a Scandinavian privately owned cable group that manufactures a wide spectrum of wires, cables and overhead conductors. With headquarters in Sweden and a yearly revenue of more than SEK 1,5 billion, we are setting new standards when it comes to innovation, customer services and short lead times. We focus on high quality and innovative design of new products with minimal environmental impact.

About Raychem RPG:  A Joint Venture between TE Connectivity, U.S.A. and RPG Enterprises, India, Raychem RPG has the distinction of being one of the longest, most successful joint venture in India for nearly four decades. Raychem RPG caters to the infrastructure segment of multiple industries. Its pioneering technologies provide solutions for various businesses in the domestic and global markets. The company caters to segments such as Cable Management & Connection Systems, Asset & Theft Protection Systems, Loss Reduction Systems, Electrical Safety Products, Energy Efficient Transformers, Gas Flow Metering and Manufacturing Processing Outsourcing.

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