12 okt 2023

Amokabel and Raychem RPG solves power evacuation challenge

Amokabel and Raychem RPG CCSX Covered Conductor solves power evacuation challenge from 50MW Solar Plant in Kasaragod, Kerala

Project Overview:

In a remarkable feat of engineering and innovation, the Kasaragod Solar Plant in Kerala, India, has been successfully powered by Raychem RPG and Amokabel's state-of-the-art 329mm² covered conductor. The overhead distribution part of this project, initiated by THDC India Limited, was executed by Ithal Engineering Groups, and the key component responsible for the transmission of energy from the mountainous PV farm to the valley-based substation was Raychem RPG and Amokabel's to date largest 329mm² 33kV covered conductor, boasting an impressive current carrying capacity of more than 600 amps.

Project Background:

The Kasaragod Solar Plant, with a generation capacity of 50MW, was a prestigious initiative aimed at harnessing renewable energy resources to meet the growing demands of Kasaragod city and the surrounding region. The project was inaugurated by India's Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi in February 2021, signifying its importance in the country's renewable energy landscape.

Key Players:

End User: THDC India Limited

EPC Company: Ithal Engineering Groups

Covered Conductor Supplier: Amokabel / Raychem RPG

Challenges and Solutions:

Harsh Environmental Conditions: The covered conductor had to be installed in an extremely challenging environment, threading its way down the mountain through a dense rainforest near the coast of the Arabian Sea. This area experiences heavy monsoon rains, strong winds, and a corrosive saline atmosphere. Amokabel and Raychem RPG’s covered conductor was chosen for its durability and resilience in such adverse conditions. The robust construction of the conductor, including Raychem RPG and Amokabel’s insulation, jacketing and water blocking technology preventing any kind of water ingress in combination with an exceptional mechanical strength,  ensured reliable performance in the face of these environmental challenges.

Energy Transmission: To transmit the energy efficiently, safely and without interruptions from the PV farm atop the mountain to the substation in the valley, dual 300mm² ground cables were used to feed the 329mm² covered conductor in order to match its current carrying capacity. This configuration facilitated the smooth flow of electricity, ensuring that the 400MWh of daily renewable energy generated by the solar plant could be transported reliably through the forest.

Project Execution:

The project commenced in early 2021 and was completed within the stipulated timeframe. Ithal Engineering Groups and Raychem RPG engineers collaborated closely with Amokabel's technical experts to ensure the seamless integration of the covered conductor into the overall transmission system. Rigorous testing and quality control measures were implemented to guarantee the conductor's performance under extreme conditions.

Visit by Senior Management:

In August 2023, senior executives from Ithal Engineering Groups, Raychem RPG and Amokabel  visited the THDC site, which then had been successfully operational for nearly three years. This visit served as a testament to the project's success and highlighted the long-term reliability of Raychem RPG and Amokabel's covered conductor in this critical infrastructure.

Benefits and Impact:

The successful deployment of Raychem RPG and Amokabel's covered conductor in the Kasaragod Solar Plant project has had several notable outcomes:

Reliable Power Supply: The covered conductor has consistently delivered electricity from the solar farm to the substation, ensuring a reliable power supply to Kasaragod city and the surrounding areas in an extremely challenging installation environment.

Environmental Sustainability: The project contributes significantly to reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy adoption in the region, aligning with India's renewable energy goals.

Economic Growth: Reliable electricity supply has spurred economic growth in the region, attracting industries and businesses to Kasaragod.

Recognition: The project's inauguration by Honourable Prime Minister Modi and the visit by top management underline its significance and success.


The deployment of Raychem RPG and Amokabel's covered conductor in the Kasaragod Solar Plant project stands as a testament to innovation and resilience in the face of challenging environmental conditions. This successful collaboration between THDC India Limited, Ithal Engineering Groups, Raychem RPG and Amokabel has not only delivered a sustainable source of energy but also demonstrated the potential of cutting-edge technology to overcome formidable obstacles in the pursuit of clean energy solutions.

Photo caption: Innovating Together: Raychem RPG and Amokabel Teams at the Project Site