Quality and Environment


All manufacturing companies in the Amokabel Group are certified in accordance with the quality management system, ISO 9001, the environmental management system, ISO 14001 and the working environmental system ISO 45001.

In addition to our certified management systems, the majority of our cables and wires are also certified by Intertek, DNV and UL. To ensure that we meet international standards and requirements, in addition to our own audits, factory and product inspections are continuously carried out by external authorities.

The guiding principle for Amokabel’s companies include our Quality and Environment Manual, which includes the following Quality and Environmental policies:

Quality Policy

Our operations’ overall quality goal is to provide well-functioning products that meet customers' requirements regarding product specifications, standards, regulatory requirements and other contractual conditions. All of our activities shall strive to conserve resources when producing products of the right quality with continuous improvements as guiding principles.

Environmental Policy

The environmental policy for our operations consists of constantly striving for improvement activities, which directly or indirectly, through our environmental goals, can contribute to positive effects for both the local environment and for the world in general. This is done with regard to current conditions and applicable laws.

Work Environment Policy

That the work environment is good and safe is an important strategic issue in our company. The goal of our environment work is to create a physically, mentally and socially healthy and developing workplace for all employees. A prerequisite for this is a good working environment, both in terms of physical aspects and social / organizational


Risk Management

Amokabel continuously work with a plan to recover from high impact risks or disaster.
If you have any question in relation to our plan, please contact Quality Manager Stefan Cronholm.


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