Sustainability and CSR

Our sustainability work

We at Amokabel work for responsible business operations, which means that we are constantly aware of how the company affects society and the environment. This is closely related to sustainable development; balancing economic aspects with environmental and social aspects. We create value for our customers and other key stakeholders while also striving to minimise the negative impact. One example of our work is that we have, for a long period of time, systematically worked to ensure that the Group, to the highest extent possible, uses electricity from renewable sources.

Energy consumption

“Sustainable development meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Brundtland Commission, UN, 1987


Since 2004, Amokabel has had an explicit strategy to produce as much renewable energy as the factory consumes. We started with the purchase of two hydro power stations, which were then supplemented with a wind turbine.

In 2015 it was decided to complement this with solar power. Very favourable support from the government has been introduced with a 30% investment grant and electricity certificates for gross production.

As part of this, we now have a charging station for electric cars in our parking lot, and in November 2016, our first electric car will be delivered, which will be powered 100% by our own environmentally-labelled electricity.

These efforts mean that we are once again self-sufficient in environmentally-labelled electricity.


Annual electricity consumption: 6,800,000kWh

Annual electricity production: 6,840,000 kWh


Hydro power station Alstermo 2004 Annually produces 2,000,000 kWh
Hydro power station Uvafors 2006 Annually produces 1,500,000 kWh
Wind power station Sölvesborg 2009 Annually produces 2,000,000 kWh
Solar power station Alstermo 2016 Annually produces 240,000 kWh
Wind power station Hageskruv 2017 Annually produces 1,300,000 kWh



Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The purpose of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is to maximise the creation of shared values, not just profits for shareholders, but to also benefit the company's other stakeholders and society as a whole. We have always been committed and ensure that corporate social responsibility is included in all of our corporate values and this has always been an important aspect of our business. We are currently a partner with local health services, sports activities and also manage and build properties locally so that the community and its residents are able to continue to grow. We have a great interest in sports within the company with many sports enthusiasts among our employees. We have chosen to support both large and small local sports organisations. For example, Alstermo companies currently have close cooperation with AMO Handball.


The Falken Health Centre

The Falken Health Centre is located in Alstermo and is a part of Kronoberg Choice Healthcare Services. The health centre is important for the district so we have chosen to contribute financially in order for for it to remain. Falken provides basic health and medical care for all age groups, counselling, rehabilitation, preventive health services, child health services and psychiatric expertise.


Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation

Children are our future, and with our help, we want to give them the best conditions possible to become successful adults. Cancer is something that no one should have to experience, especially children. We think it is natural to participate and contribute to fighting this terrible disease.

We can proudly say that we are still contributors to the research to find a cure for cancer and we have chosen to do this by being a friend company to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

“In a time where social responsibility and commitment is becoming increasingly important for companies (CSR), the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Association support have jointly developed the support organisation, Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s friend companies. This support organisation is based on a long-term and qualitative information campaign aimed at ensuring that as many companies as possible make a conscious decision to support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation's important work.”



We at Amokabel feel a great deal of affinity with the community we operate in and with the people who are our customers. For us it is important that the people in our community feel good and are given a chance to develop. We also want to promote health and the environment and we are actively working to contribute to this. Therefore, we are involved in sponsoring a variety of social, cultural and sporting events. In this way we want to clearly show our social commitment and closeness to our customers. Amokabel is working for the community’s future.

Our main sponsorship today is for Amo handball.

Handball has been a part of Alstermo since 1971.  Since then it has become a sport that all members of the community have become involved in, as spectators, coaches, officials, etc.

Before the start of the 2016 series the handball association chose to break away from the parent association, Alstermo IF, and the club, Amo handball was created. The reason for this was so that all other activities within Alstermo IF would not have to play a secondary role due to the efforts to create an elite team in handball. We at Amokabel are proud to be the club's main sponsor. The elite operation, youth handball and handball in general, is the goal and vision of the association.


Focus of our sponsorship

What we choose to sponsor varies from time to time. However, there are established guidelines that we follow with a long-term perspective. Today, we have a strong brand, where our conscious and consistent focus on sponsorship has been a contributing factor. We also strive to spread our sponsorship efforts geographically within our area and work to inspire residents to get involved in events and activities. 


Amokabel’s sponsorship shall:

  • contribute towards customers viewing Amokabel as an active company working to build the community’s future
  • support Amokabel’s operations directly or indirectly
  • help to strengthen the brand and create a positive image of Amokabel
  • be balanced in terms of, for example, geographic distribution, target groups and activities
  • contain clear quid pro quo conditions
  • build on cooperation in accordance with contractual forms


Amokabel avoids sponsoring:

  • political or religious organisations
  • activities that could damage our environment
  • activities that could be perceived as unethical
  • associations, groups or companies whose values are associated with discrimination


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