4 Mar 2024

To work in a varied role is the most enjoyable


Richard Andersén works as a quality technician at Amokabel. His role is very extensive, where he always needs to be ready to pitch in where needed to ensure smooth production.

-My role here is very varied. I primarily work with quality and complaints, but also with many other aspects of technology and design. I create designs for new products, internal testing, development, and testing of new materials. I also work extensively with various types of environmental declarations such as EPD and building material assessments, etc. In my role, I support our production managers during internal test runs and provide technical support to our customers. I plan and book all external tests that need to be conducted and ensure that we comply with all technical obligations and requirements imposed on us," says Richard.



-I have worked for various divisions in the company for almost 14 years. Amokabel provides plenty of space for personal development, and it never feels like there's a ceiling. It's always possible to talk to anyone within the organization. Amokabel is, above all, very supportive and present as an employer. If you need help or support, both professionally and personally, they are always there, giving a sense of a second home and family," he says.


What are your biggest challenges at work?

My biggest challenge is probably finding time for everything I want to do.


What is the best thing about your job?

The best, besides my incredible colleagues, is the significant variety. I can work on very different tasks from day to day, which means constantly learning new things and always being able to continue developing.

Name: Richard Andersén
Age: 34 years
Job title: Quality Technician and part-time firefighter
Lives: Alstermo
Hobbies: Archery, books, exercise, and computers
Future Dreams: I would really love to one day lead a project where I design and build my own house in the countryside. I also have a goal of visiting each continent at least once


What is it like to work at Amokabel?

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