3 Jun 2024

I learn something new every day

Elias Karlsson works with IT/Electrical assistance in the maintenance department at Amokabel. He did his internship at Amokabel during his high school years when he studied the Electrical and Energy program with a focus on computer communication. After his education, he was offered a job at the company.

 My role here primarily involves handling IT-related matters, documentation within electricity, and access control systems. I assist our employees when their computers isn't working or when something needs to be installed or updated. It can be anything from activating an access tag to installing a printer, says Elias.


"Right conditions to grow"

Amokabel is a positive employer where there is an open atmosphere, and I really feel that I can share my thoughts and ideas with both colleagues and managers. I get the right conditions to grow and develop here, both through education and good support from my manager. I appreciate that there is an open dialogue both ways and no question ever feels stupid, he says.


What are your biggest challenges at work?

IT can be quite complex to work within, so sometimes problems arise that require you to really think and figure out different possible solutions. Sometimes it works directly, and sometimes you need to try other ways before getting it to work.


What is the best thing about working in your role?

That my role is so varied because you do so many different things. I like coming to work and not knowing what will happen today.


Name: Elias Karlsson  
Age: 20 years  
Job Title: IT/Electrical assistance  
Lives: Åseda  
Hobbies: Cars, music, and computers  
Future Dreams: Traveling through the USA