30 Apr 2024

Sofia manages the logistics

With a background as a hairdresser, Sofia Johannesson chose to make a complete change and started working in Amokabel's logistics department a year ago. It's a decision she has never regretted, as she enjoys blending practical and administrative tasks.

In my work in the logistics department, I, along with my colleagues, have the overall responsibility for compiling and packing orders efficiently. I handle incoming and outgoing deliveries, as well as booking and coordinating transportation, which requires precision and planning. It's crucial that we meet delivery times as it contributes to satisfied and loyal customers," says Sofia.


"Nothing is impossible"

Amokabel, as an employer, is truly responsive. They show appreciation for their employees and are very solution-oriented. No questions are too small, and nothing is impossible. We are a really great team working together. There is a wonderful sense of camaraderie in the company, and that's what makes it enjoyable to go to work every day," she says.


What are your main challenges at work?

My main challenges, I would say, are to streamline the packing of goods and ensure timely deliveries. The goal is to reduce the use of pallet spaces while optimizing transportation costs, considering both economic and environmental factors. Additionally, we strive to ensure that deliveries are punctual. This requires careful planning and coordination to meet both economic goals and time requirements, while also considering sustainability aspects.


What is the best thing about your job?

I would say that the variety in my tasks is what truly makes my job special. Every day is unique, and there are always new challenges to face. Moreover, we have a fantastic team in the logistics department. We really enjoy working together and have a great team spirit. Working in such a great group makes the workday both rewarding and enjoyable.


Name: Sofia Johannesson
Age: 33 years
Job title: Logistics Personnel 
Lives: Lenhovda
Hobbies: Cooking, DIY activities, and playing padel tennis
Future Dreams: Going on a food and wine trip through Italy